Informasi Sumsel KeyUpdate Sumsel Key

Fitur Sumsel Key dan tanya jawab


Flashing Auth New Security FREE
-Switch Global Miui 9 latest
-Mi Account Remove Server Need Credit
-Format Userdata ALL xiaomi Without UBL without Firmware without Tespoin
-Mi Account Reset News update with New protocol

-Frp reset samsung support os 8.0
-Sony Xperia Protect Reset
-Disable Micloud Support Miui 10 lates
-Root Intel
-Enable Diag Not Rooted (Note5 pro, Ugg, Ugglite, etc)

-Flashing Partition user
-erase Partition User
-Frp Reset All Asus Qualcom 3 method
-Mi Account Reset Old security
-Flashing Asus Intel Sumsel Package
-FRP Mi account Reset Redmi 6/6A
-Adb enabled Asus

-Flashing partition
-Factory Reset Emmc Qualcom Oppo/Vivo
-Frp Reset

-Flashing Partition
-Flashing scatter all
-Frp Reset
-Manual Format

-One Click Frp j2 prime
-Frp reset
-Softbrick Error



Sumsel Key Update

17 MARET 2019 : whats news

— ADD Advance unlock tab Qualcom flash
— ADD Factory Reset Setting ALL QUalcom EMMC (NEED FIREHOSE)

— ADD XIaomi authorized Flashing FREE
— ADD Xiaomi Reset Mi Account need Credit


Sumsel Key Update

whats news

— ADD XIaomi authorized Flashing FREE
— ADD Xiaomi Reset Mi Account need Credit
-Xiaomi Cleaning MIcloud By server CREDIT
-Huawei Instan FRP Generate Imei CREDIT
– Flashing CREDIT
-Single Click MXTP Sony Xperia Protect

Add Enable Diag Port Without Root
-Redmi note 5 pro(whyred)
-Redmi Notr 5A (Ugglite)
-Redmi Note 5a prime (Ugg)

Add Final Solution For Mi account
-Redmi Note 5 pro
-Redmi S2
-Redmi 5 plus
-Mi8, Mi8 Lite, Mi8 Pro
-Mi mix 3

Add Reset Mi Account Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Mediatek

Add Reset Mi Account Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Mediatek

Add Reset Mi Account Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Mediatek

Add Manual Format Addres Manual Mediatek Platform

Add Meizu Reset ScreenLock
-Meizu M2 Note
-Meizu M3S
-Meizu M5 Note
-Meizu M5
-Meizu M5C
-Meizu M5S
-Meizu M6
-Meizu U20

Add Mediatek Frp Reset by Cpu Type

Add Rebot After Flash Qualcom Paltform

Fix Bug Qualcom Flashing..
Fix Bug Qualcom partition table.
fix Bug Fix recovery Redmi Note 5 pro



TANYA : Apakah Support Auh Oppo juga ?
JAWAB : Support semua xiaomi auth, untuk oppo belum ( 3/4/2019 )

TANYA : note 5 bisa by pass ubl ? Tanpa nunggu 2minggu?
JAWAB : tidak bisa, Kecuali note 5a ( 3/4/2019 )

TANYA : Fitur perbaikan di Oppo apa saja dan type Oppo apa saja
JAWAB :  A37f ,A57, f1f , f3plus r9s r9s plusma, Support format data plus frp ( 3/4/2019 )

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  1. Untuk mi cloud by server pakai credit support yg lost ato tidak? Untuk tau status micloud lost ato tidak dr mana?

  2. ini soppurt fix recovery kan

    dan flash xiaomi yg terbaru with auth

    xiaomi pocophone
    mi 8 se

  3. miflash auth error
    length cannot be less than zero. parameter name length miflash

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